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My name is Jason Quinlan. I have been a professional SEO and Internet marketer since 1997. SEO is the only job I've had in 20+ years, and trust me, that's hard to do. You have to roll with constant changes in Google's algorithms. My unorthodox SEO methods helped me stay ahead of the curb. Other SEO's laughed at me for adopting Pinterest early on.

Now I would like to share with you some of the awesome ninja video marketing tactics that can't be found in any other online course at JQ VideoMarketing.

I don't stop at Youtube! This training teaches you to rank Daily Motion and Vimeo too.

About This Site

jq video marketing

What Is JQ Video Marketing?

JQ Video Marketing is my fifth "big marketing course," but this is by far my most ambitious because it covers the most wide-ranging subject: Video marketing. AKA how to get your videos to the top of YouTube and Google's organic traffic. This course isn't "another secret hidden YouTube loophole." My methods get you long lasting results and aren't spam. Theoretically, your videos can hold their rankings until someone comes along and does better. If a competitor tries to usurp your position, I will show you how to "juice your video" back over the top of them.

A big "problem" I had making this course, the videos I was using for my case study kept going to #1 before I had even completed all of the steps. The way my strategy works if you get to where you want to be STOP! There's no reason to keep optimizing, just leave it alone!

RankBrain Is Your Friend!

let rankbrain be your buddy

I am showing you everything I know from the most white-hat of white to the evilest blackhat methods, that (honestly) you probably won't even need to use. The timing of the release of this course couldn't be better because of Google Rankbrain.

The concept is simple:
Does the video you created give the answer to a query in Google.

If not, it probably won't rank.

Gone are the days of making spam videos, live streaming them and expecting results, in fact, I show how it can hurt you.

How I rank videos goes entirely against the grain of what other people are teaching. I kept the titles of the lessons purposely cryptic because I didn't want to give everything away.

The big subjects are video production and how you don't need fancy video creation software, mics or lighting. If fact, you probably have everything you need to create quality videos using tools you already have on your computer. There's a decent crash course on video editing, which is easy and something many people overlook.

"Video Keywords" Are A Myth!

There is no need to spend your money on any expensive keyword tools and using them; they deliver worse results than you can gather for free!!

More importantly, I show proof there is no "video keyword." Some searches trigger videos more often, but you can rank a video for any term, you just have to do the right things.

Remember, there is no fooling YouTube, just look at your video after you upload, and you will see within minutes Rank Brain has already transcribed it into multiple languages.

I'll teach you all "spiderbait," best practices for metadata, some insane playlist tricks, "Spin-O-Gram," philanthropic videos, why branding is critical, authority siphoning and the "new school embed."

Move Over Live Streams...

no live streaming

Like I said, there is no "live streaming" there is a new way to get the instant authority to your videos:   API uploads!
They are more powerful and not as hard to set up as you think.

I'll show you video curation, which is perfectly fine to do under Youtube's "fair use" policy and how to stay off YouTube's "pest list."

The Video Tsunami Method!


Lastly, what sets this apart from all others " The Video Tsunami Method." I create one quality video for long-term sustainability and upload to Daily Motion and Vimeo.

You will learn how to "shock your video" and when initially uploaded to create a buzz around it. I'll teach you my the IFTTT trifecta, the optional power of Video Powerhouse, and everything you can do to rank your video post-upload.

I only made it this far, and before the video, I was using for my case study ranked, so I didn't get into any killer spam techniques. It took me 20 minutes to be number one for a relatively competitive term.

Once you are #1, how number one are you? You have to try to turn your longtail into a shorttail. Everybody knows ranking a longtail phrase is nothing more than a parlor trick.

Next up, do you make the "decision for war" (go blackhat), the triple tsunami method, the double-semantic-LSI-video-spin, and how to mask your activities. Then there is the monster of the course I borrowed this from HP Lovecraft call of the Cutulu, " Hastur The Unspeakable Video Marketing Lesson." I show proof of concept directly afterward.

Rank Your Videos and Take Your Sites With You!

jq vdeo marketing

Once your videos are ranking, you know those little links you add to the description? Those links are from DA 90+ properties. I don't care if they are "nofollowed" or not. When I check my search console those links show up, that means Google knows about them!

Spam Anyone?


I never made it this far, but I included optional PDF power, but keep in mind, in I ranked three videos and didn't even need to get this far! The reason why I'm giving you all these steps is to make the war analogy; you want as many bullets in your chamber as possible.

That's when we "Twitter War" and "World War Three and Four (spamming your engagement) come in which I did another "proof of concept" just as an experiment.

If you stick to the core lessons I teach at the beginning, you won't even need these syndication methods!



As bonuses there a two-hour GSA training, how to stop negative SEO and how to turn a YouTube video into a blog post.

I give you every single step of the process from the whitest of whitehat to the dark evil blackhat, but I found if you just follow what I teach. You won't need to use every step.

Again, it's not about making ten thousand videos, spamming, live streaming or outrageous financial claims. With JQ Video Marketing and every course I develop, I always update my training, but I also update my prices!

Get in while the getting is good!

Special Bonus YouTube Card Tricks For A Limited Time!

youtube card tricks

SECTION 1: Intro

Lesson 1:

Intro - Unconventional Methods Rule!

SECTION 2: Anyone Can Be Steven Spielberg for Free

Lesson 2:

The QuickTime and The Dead


Lesson 3:

Some Things You Didn't Know About DownloadHelper


Lesson 4:

Speaking Your Way to the Top


Lesson 5:

The Magic Happens "In Post"

SECTION 3: Channel Optimization

Lesson 6:

Gear Icon Configuration: Why You Should Be Making Your Pr...


Lesson 7:

Channel Optimization: The Stuff Nobody Talks About


Lesson 8:

Channel Optimization: You Are Rub Elbows With


Lesson 9:

Brand, Brand, Brand


Lesson 10:

The "InstaBrand"


Lesson 11:

Validating Your Entity


Lesson 12:

How to use YouTube Analytics for Account Optimization

JQ Video Marketing - Rank Youtube, Vimeo and Daily Motion (Special Offer)

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